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Rescue Loans Program is the brainchild of Lynn Tilton, a successful investor and industrialist. Ms. Tilton is dedicated to saving jobs in America through the acquisition of small and mid-sized companies that, without such investment, might otherwise liquidate. As CEO of Patriarch Partners, a $7 billion private equity fund with investments in more than 70 companies, Ms. Tilton has a unique perspective on the enormous challenges faced by these companies in today’s economic and lending environment.  

Combining decades at leading Wall Street firms with an operator’s insight and understanding of Main Street America, Ms. Tilton has a distinctive perspective on the economic crisis. With her thumb on the pulse of America’s economic heartbeat, she first raised her concerns on the dearth of lending to small and middle market companies last October in a clarion call to save jobs through initiatives to support such lending. With banks in turmoil, she predicted, then, that deficient lending during this financial crisis could lead to the loss of industry and millions of American jobs. She has developed the SME Rescue Loans Program to stem and reverse the devastating damage caused by the collapse of bank lending in order to sustain jobs and save small and middle-market companies -- the heart of the American economy. 

You can learn more about Lynn Tilton here.

Read here about Lynn Tilton’s patented securitization methodology.

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