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Join me in supporting American jobs through rescue lending to small and middle-market companies.

America faces a growing economic threat – a large population of the permanently unemployed.  Job losses are mounting every day and unemployment is rising at an alarming pace.   But here is something we can do to stem the loss of American jobs.  I call on you to support the Rescue Loans Plan for small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs), an innovative strategy to save jobs -- without cost to the taxpayer – that incents private lending to the small and middle-market companies that have long been the backbone of America’s economy. 

The nation’s SMEs provide more than 80% of American jobs and are the leading force of innovation and economic growth, yet they have been left to bear the brunt of the financial crisis.  Every day, more jobs are lost when small and middle-market companies lose access to the routine working capital loans upon which they depend to operate their businesses.

Without access to working capital loans, companies that might otherwise survive and flourish are forced to lay off workers or liquidate.  The SME Rescue Loans Plan will save jobs in an immediate and quantifiable way by encouraging the private sector to provide the secured working capital loans that companies need to survive.  The SME Rescue Loans plan is not a bailout; it is a direct investment in American jobs.

Through the SME Rescue Loans Plan, we can make an immediate impact on job losses and support the companies that drive America’s economy.  You can learn more about the details of the plan and how you can get involved by visiting  The time for action is now.  Every day that passes without action results in more permanent job losses.  I hope that you will support this important initiative.






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