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Latest News Launched to Support New Plan to Save American Jobs

March 02, 2010 -- Il Giornale – Dear Obama, That’s How the Companies Are Saved
Seeing her like this, suddenly, long blond hair and make up, you could exchange her for a diva of a show. But when you hear ..... [FULL STORY]

February 20, 2010 -- The National Post: SHOPKEEPER NATION - In the U.S.; 70% of all hiring is done by small businesses, many of whom are struggling to survive
When Kip Kiebke launched his credit-counselling business New Financial You about eight months ago, he planned to get a loan and add at least three positions ..... [FULL STORY]

February 2, 2010 -- Lending fund would help small business
President Obama is pitching a plan to boost small business by giving $30 billion in repaid bank bailout money to community banks. Bill Radke talks to Marketplace's Amy Scott about how this plan could help create jobs. ..... [FULL STORY]

February 2, 2010 -- Yahoo! Finance - Part 1: U.S. Economy "De-evolving": An Industrialist's Plan to Revive American Manufacturing
U.S. Manufacturing grew in January at its fastest pace in more than five years. Yet, manufacturing makes up only 12% of the U.S. economy - down from its post World War II peak of 28% percent in 1953. ..... [FULL STORY]

February 2, 2010 -- Yahoo! Finance - Part 2: Obama's Job Proposals "Don't Get to the Core of the Issue," Lynn Tilton Says
Between the State of the Union address and this week's budget, President Obama has recently proposed a series of initiatives aimed at tackling America's stubbornly high unemployment rate, including: ..... [FULL STORY]

January 31, 2010 -- Obama Pay Your Dues
As a native New Yorker, I am forever tempted by dinner and show. Wednesday night, while neither wined nor dined, I was mesmerized by the President's performance. The Commander in Chief used the "theater of the address" in his State of the Union speech to launch his revival of Candidate Obama, The Common Man: a wonderful mix of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and Mr. Obama Feigns Not, He Leads Washington. ..... [FULL STORY]

January 2, 2010 -- Unprecedented Anger in the Face of Economic Hardship and War
As we start this new decade, we face the dangers of an unprecedented anger embedded in our nation as well as in countries across the the world. It is a time when divides widen, factions combat and violence erupts. We try not to speak to subjects that spread fear and panic and 'tis, of course, the season of fairy tales, happy endings and It's a Wonderful Life. ..... [FULL STORY]

December 22, 2009 -- 'Tis the Season
It can be felt in the air and seen in the faces of those on the street. It is the Holiday Season, a time of charitable thoughts, unexpected giving and wishes come true. From Stockholm to Washington, even critical minds and sharp tongues have taken to more generous bent. The Nobel Prize committee ignited the holiday gifting by presenting President Obama with an ornament of beautiful gold and some greens adorning. Senior management of Goldman Sachs, no strangers to both gold and green, suddenly remembered tis nobler to give than receive, and decided to self-grant stockings filled not with coal but tax-benefited deferred shares, trading today's immediate cash gratification for future multiples of postponed gain. Such patient self-sacrifice is aimed to avert the angry wrath of Congress, regulators and a frustrated populace. ..... [FULL STORY]

December 15, 2009 -- Lynn Tilton's Plan to "End the Plague of Joblessness" in America
"It's my personal mission to end the plague of joblessness in this country," says Lynn Tilton, CEO of Patriarch Partners. Unlike many politicians, that's not just campaign rhetoric. Tilton's firm has over $7 billion in equity and direct investments with more than 70 companies employing about 250,000 Americans. Most of the those jobs would have disappeared if Patriarch hadn't stepped in with loans and investments to those companies during times of duress, she says..... [FULL STORY]

December 15, 2009 -- Not Too Late to Buy Gold: Beware of Global Bumps Ahead, Lynn Tilton Says
The fund focuses on distressed assets. With the recession in full swing, there are plenty of businesses and name brands available at affordable prices. "We're seeing a tremendous opportunity in companies that have got beaten down," Tilton tells Aaron. "Buy for the long term." ..... [FULL STORY]

December 15, 2009 -- Big Banks Escape TARP But "We've Left Our American People Behind," Lynn Tilton Says
It's the rest of the economy that really needs fixing, says Lynn Tilton, CEO of Patriarch Partners, a private equity firm with over $7 billion of assets and investments in over 70 companies. "We've left our small and mid-sized businesses behind; and we've left our American people behind," she tells Aaron in the accompanying clip. "This does not an economy make.".... [FULL STORY]

November 30, 2009 -- Mr. Geithner -- Do You Hear Me Calling?
Joblessness is a plague upon America. Including part-time workers coveting full time employ and marginally unattached, those indelibly discouraged, almost 30 million Americans suffer under weight of unemployment. If each unemployed heads families of 4, joblessness brings suffering to 120 million Americans. I am consistent in my verse, my chorus the same for 14 months - the absence of lending to SMEs would bring rapidly rising unemployment and stall the engine of job creation. My plans, acknowledged, would have significantly reduced populace pain..... [FULL STORY]

November 11, 2009 -- History May Repeat Itself, But Never Exactly
Although the jobless rate in America surprisingly soared to 10.2% with the broader measure of underemployment reaching 17.5%, heights not witnessed since the Great Depression, economists and government maintain economic recovery has commenced and enhanced employment will follow its historic lag.... [FULL STORY]

November 3, 2009 -- Banks' Next Profit Center: Small-Biz Lending
Lynn Tilton, founder and CEO of the private-equity firm Patriarch Partners, has been voicing her concern about a dearth of small-business credit since the beginning of the crisis. She has placed advertisements in the New York Times and Washington Post issuing a "clarion call to rebuild America" through the creation of a federal bank that issues loans directly to capital-starved companies. She has also proposed a public-private partnership that would leverage funds from other rescue programs to do the same. ... [FULL STORY]

November 2, 2009 -- A Year Later -- My Clarion Call to America Left Unanswered By Lynn Tilton
One year ago, in response to a Treasury Plan to rescue large banks without mandate for lending, I rose defiantly from my comfort zone below the radar screen to speak my mind and deliver “truth” to America. My fears, unfortunately since confirmed, was that Tarp-infused banks would use Treasury-injected capital to heal internal wounds left by lax controls, leverage upon leverage and abuse of synthetic instruments, leaving small and middle market businesses without resources for recovery. ... [FULL STORY]

October 27, 2009 -- Obama's Small Business Plan: Recognition of the Problem is a Critical First Step, But Much More is Needed
The plan announced last week by President Obama to encourage lending to small businesses, in its recognition of the severity of the problem, is a noble first step. However, if we are truly committed to the salvation and revival of America’s small and mid-sized businesses and to saving and creating jobs, a more comprehensive plan is required. ... [FULL STORY]

October 24, 2009 -- Lynn Tilton: Ending Joblessness in America
Although considered a woman of Wall Street, I have long seen the world from a perspective quite distinct. With over 73 companies, all of which we purchased on the precipice of destruction, and over 100,000 employees, I have a view and vision of this country that cannot be seen from a trader's window ... [FULL STORY]

October 19, 2009 -- The Lending Gap Pierces a Hole in Heart of America’s Economy
The Federal Reserve’s recent upbeat policy statement missed a major threat to the economy that small and middle market businesses across the country understand well ... [FULL STORY]

October 15, 2009 -- Lynn Tilton Goes to Washington - Bankruptcy Beat - WSJ
As chief executive of a private-equity firm that invests in distressed companies and works to turn them around, Lynn Tilton knows a thing or two about rolling up your sleeves and getting down to work to solve a problem. But Tilton, whose Patriarch Partners LLC has plucked up struggling companies ... [FULL STORY]

October 15, 2009 -- Industrialist Investor Lynn Tilton to Outline Plan for Reviving Lending to Small, Midsize Companies
Lynn Tilton, CEO of the private equity firm Patriarch Partners, will outline a plan to help revive the economy by increasing lending to small and medium-size companies that employ a majority of Americans at a National Press Club Newsmakers press conference ... [FULL STORY]

October 5, 2009 -- Equity firm CEO plans to start banking institution
Patriarch Partners CEO Lynn Tilton said she plans to use her own money to create a banking institution specializing in lending to smaller companies, which employ most of the nation’s work force. “I think there is a gaping hole in our economy where ... [FULL STORY]

October 5, 2009 -- Patriarch's Chief Executive to Form Bank Holding Company
Lynn Tilton, the chief executive of Patriarch Partners LLC, started her career dealing with bad banks. Last year, she bought full-page ads in the New York Times and The Washington Post espousing the initiation of a provisional Federal Bank, worried about the state of the financial markets ... [FULL STORY]

October 2, 2009 -- The Credit Crunch Continues - Taxpayer dollars have supported institutions that are 'too big to fail'.
Anyone counting on a meaningful economic recovery will be greatly disappointed. How do I know? I follow credit, and credit is contracting. Access to credit is being denied at an accelerating pace. Large, well-capitalized companies have no problem finding credit. Small businesses, on the other hand, have never had a harder time getting a loan ... [FULL STORY]

October 1, 2009 -- CIT collapse would be a mess, turnaround pros say
If struggling U.S. commercial lender CIT Group Inc were to collapse it would be a "drastic mistake" as the small businesses that rely on it would have few alternate sources of funding, turnaround experts said at the Reuters Restructuring Summit this week ... [FULL STORY]

September 29, 2009 -- Lynn Tilton Forgoes Rescue Dollars for her Own
Why spend time wrestling money away from tight-fisted investors when you’re sitting on a pile of your own cash? Lynn Tilton, CEO of distressed investment firm Patriarch Partners, plans to invest a significant amount of her own “Lynn Tilton dollars” into a new bank holding company project, she said at today’s Reuters Distressed Summit ... [FULL STORY]

September 28, 2009 -- A Rescue Plan That Saves Industry--and Jobs
Don't read this post if you want to believe the government's assurances that the economy's turning around and all will soon be right with the world. Lynn Tilton, CEO of private-equity fund Patriarch Partners, is here to tell you that things aren't nearly as rosy as Washington would like us to think. The problem is ... [FULL STORY]

August 19, 2009 -- Lynn Tilton Wants To Save The Middle Market (But Can't Do It Alone)
Lynn Tilton is on a mission. Each day the founder of distressed buyout firm Patriarch Partners hears from more than 20 worthy middle market companies in need of rescue financing. The high volume is due, in part, to the lack of access to capital for middle market ... [FULL STORY]

August 11, 2009 -- Seeing Dearth Of Lending, Patriarch Proposes Govt. - Backed Program
Dow Jones: In October, Patriarch Partners LLC Chief Executive Lynn Tilton was so worried about the state of the financial markets that she took out a full-page ad in the New York Times and Washington Post espousing the initiation of a ... [FULL STORY]

August 6, 2009 -- Launched to Support New Plan to Save American Jobs
Private equity CEO Lynn Tilton today launched, a web site introducing a new economic proposal dedicated to saving jobs in America and slowing the rapid rise in unemployment. The program would create a ... [FULL STORY]

August 6, 2009 -- What They're Talking About At Treasury
Politico Playbook:
Private equity CEO Lynn Tilton, a colorful investor and industrialist, today is launching, a web site introducing a new economic proposal designed to save jobs in America and slow the rapid rise in ... [FULL STORY]


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